Yijing Xin


Artist, Illustrator

Crated on

March 9, 2022

About this Artist

With many years of experience in graphic creation, Raraf is the artistic image he has recently focused on creating.

Under the pressure of invisible, struggling to achieve a certain balance - this is us in the modern city. How will life improve if you can face conflicts and manage your emotions with ease? Soft soft is the embodiment of an ideal mental state. Inclusiveness and plasticity are the two motifs that the author hopes to convey: the irregular shape of the soft soft man emphasizes a kind of plasticity. For example, the flowing water is meandering when it meets the rock wall.The soft and blissful figure is light and lively under the well-conceived tone, as if the broader mind is empty and can contain any information. Xin Yijing hopes to balance our emotional space and achieve a healing effect by softening.