Yizhu Wang


Jewellry Designer

Crated on

March 9, 2022

About this Artist

Creative and self-driven jewellery and accessoriesdesigner, with multi-disciplinary knowledge of fashion jewellery andaccessories in a wide range of materials and technologies, actively involved infashion sales and marketing in London
At the same time, she has rich experience in enhancing the social mediaawareness of multiple brands, participating in many accessories design projectsand promoting products sales.

About this Brand


London Jewellery & Accessories brand dedicated to create unique,simple and timeless designs

Abstract concepts are wearable, unique andtimeless objects which are created through the integration of accessoriesproducts and body contact reactions with the wearer to stimulate sensoryabsorption and release of different emotionsONE FOREVER selects quality materials and provides the best service to bringthe most perfect experience to every customer.